Simon owns the copyright of a book, which is very popular in Simon’s country. 

X would like to buy the translation rights for their country and approaches Simon with a good offer. 

Simon signs an agreement with X granting X the rights to translate the book into X's language. 

The agreement sets the loyalty fee at 6% of the number printed by X. 

X prints 100,000 copies of their translated version, but tells Simon he has only printed 10,000. 

Simon has no proof of this, let alone any way of finding out the exact number printed.



This type of worrisome behaviour obviously damages the copyright owner's profits. It can also damage profits by putting copyright holders off accepting larger offers from smaller or newer publishing houses who lack international history. 

But now you need never worry about this kind of situation ever again. With copyright LTD, in just two minutes you can easily setup an account to prevent copyright theft. You will set how many copies the copyright purchaser may print of your book and will receive a zip file of that many QR codes.


The copyright purchaser will be required to print one of these QR codes on the back of each book.Any book with a QR code that is not unique will be considered a pirated book. 

Any book without a QR code on its back will be considered a pirated book.These books will be unsellable. 

Scanning of the QR code will be supported by "Wechat" in China, and "Line" in Japan and Korea. Any customer who buys a copy of the book can scan the QR code and verify if their copy is genuine or not. 

If it is not genuine the customer will see a warning  stating “piracy found" and you will be notified. 

This service is provided by "publish.LTD", who are a blockchain based anti piracy company. All the data is blockchained, so no one, including publish.LTD can change it. 

You will also be able to view statistics for how many copies of your authorised translation have sold in real time.